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DBacks N Rox: My Teams

bullpenbrat22 in baseball_hunks

Bringin' Some MLB Goodness!

10 Baseball Players I Wouldn't Kick Out Of My Bed:

Todd Helton...Colorado Rockies

Todd makes the rough 'n rugged mountain man-type look sexy...here, he's clean-shaven and just as hot!

Mark Sweeney...Los Angeles Dodgers

One of a few reasons to THINK BLUE!

Troy Tulowitzki...Colorado Rockies

Tulo is the hottest thing to come out of Colorado since Ed McCaffrey's Mustard!

David Dellucci...Cleveland Indians

Looch has been a longtime favourite of mine ever since 1998 and continues to be the Italian Stallion in my baseball world!

Kaz Matsui...Houston Astros

Kaz became a favourite of mine during his time with the Mets and even moreso with my beloved Rockies...then my heart got broken when the Rockies let him go and the Astros picked him up, but I will still honor him no matter what uniform he's in!

Chris Capuano...Milwaukee Brewers

Chris has been a favourite of mine since I discovered him in the Diamondbacks' minors 7 years ago...great guy with a bright future and a radiant smile along with great looks and a very intelligent mind. How can a girl not adore him?

Jeff DaVanon...released recently by the San Diego Padres

A favourite of mine since his Anaheim Angels days, Jeff continues to be my unsung hero of all unsung heroes. He's had some tough luck the past few seasons and I really wish this cutie the best. I will miss his wonderful smile and his sweet nature, not to mention his cute clumsiness!

Byung-Hyun Kim...currently with the Pittsburgh Pirates

BK is and always will be one of my all-time favourites...not just because he's an underdog in all sense of the word, but because he's a sweet and gentle man with a heart of gold. He's got a beautiful smile and a super sense of humor too. I nicknamed him my Korean Wonderboy for a reason...he does wonders for me!

David Wright...New York Mets

What's not to like about this guy? He's got it all...looks, talent, a sense of humor, and can party like the best of 'em!

Robby Hammock...Arizona Diamondbacks

Robby is one of a few heart-throbs the Diamondbacks have recruited in the past few years...and worth the watch too! He's as hot as the desert heat!

There...I hope you enjoy my beautiful baseball picspam :) My taste may be a bit different but hey, why be the same as everyone else?!

I tag:
All the female baseball fans on my list who haven't done this yet!

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Mmmm...Man Candy!

re: Delucci - it's pretty hard to resist a gorgeous man who happens to be holding a totally adorable puppy! That pic made me totally melt.
Dellucci is so hot in person too...and yes, him holding anything would make me melt! The puppy adds to the effect :)
Can I include retired players?
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