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DBacks N Rox: My Teams

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And Now It's Time For...

First, let me introduce you to Jeff Salazar:

I love this picture of Jeff...he's adorable!

This is a rookie card of his when he was with the Rockies...yes, I discovered him in the Rockies minors...what a great find he is too!

An autographed card of Jeff's

And now, let me introduce you to Augie Ojeda:

He's so good looking, especially up close!

A close-up shot of Augie :)


And of course, I have to include this one of Jeff & Augie walking off the field together:

These two guys are so sweet...I recently met them both at a game and I can tell you they are total sweethearts! They enjoy meeting their fans and don't mind posing for pictures with everyone they meet...that's always a good thing, since not every player is that willing all the time, but these two are :)

Enjoy the pix!

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Always happy to see the Dbacks get some recognition! Though no one will ever compare to Steve Finley in the set-my-heart-a-flutter category. *le sigh*

I think it's a prerequisite - to make the team, you have to be hot. Oh wait, Randy Johnson...
Right on about Fins...I still think he's handsome...I last saw him during the 10th Anniversary Weekend when they showed him throwing out the first pitch with Matt Williams :)

May I add you, despite I'm a Rockies & D'Backs fan?
Sure! Then I won't feel like I'm boring everyone if I talk about baseball in my LJ! Hehe. (I don't very often, but will happily comment if YOU do)
You got it...and have been added too :)
Augie is so sexy! I also think Conor Jackson is studly.
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