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Where Yankee hating is encouraged and hot men are drooled over...

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"Most all good Americans hate the Yankees. It is a value that we cherish and pass along to our children, like decency and democracy and the importance of a good breakfast . . . Yankee haters, arise!" - William B. Mead, The Official New York Yankees Hater's Handbook

- Hot baseball players (and only baseball players!) are to be discussed, lusted after and put on parade.

- Yankee bashing is highly encouraged.

- No Yankees shall be discussed favorably in this community (which was created by Red Sox fans -- and we tend to be heavy at times! -- but we are certainly not limited to these players). In other words? Yankees are not included here. Move on, move on.

- Posting pictures is great, but please put them under a cut tag. It really helps people with slow dial-up connections and those of us who are anal about our friends page.

- Intelligent baseball discussions are also highly encouraged. Know your baseball! (Like the infield fly rule, positions, stats... etc!)

- Intelligence, PERIOD. Try not to be an idiot! It isn't hard to type "you" instead of "u." It's just two extra letters, you know. :)

- Introduce yourself! We like hearing your opinions and thoughts on everything. Well, almost everything.

- That said, try to remember that this is a community and not a personal journal. Keep your fellow members in mind. Stay on-topic and keep pointless rantings to you own journal.
Off-topic or inappropriate posts will be deleted.

- Jessica (insidemymaze) and Lisa (lisabird) are the owners and moderators of this community. Any questions or comments should be directed to them.

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